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Dear visitors ! Feel kindly invited for a contact lesson at the studio.
I teach kids, adults and professionals.
Professional preparation for students and postgraduate students in any international context.
I also prepare my students for concerts and any kind of music examns.
Since 2002 lots of my former students work as professional musicians all over the world.
I teach in E N G L I S H , F R E N C H and  G E R M A N . Of course our first meeting is for free . . .
Please contact me by mail or phone:

t o m p e t e r s p r o . d e @ g m a i l . c o m

p. 0049(0)228 / 929 83 934
m. 0049(0)151 / 588 17 510

. . .  I am looking forward to you.


T o m  P e t e r s  B i o g r a  p h y

Born 1968 in Bonn. Roots: Western Russia, Netherlands, France, Germany.
Studies: Piano, Composition, Organ (KA Diploma)
prot. Theology (Ordination Vicar, 1. & 2. Staatsexamen), Pholosophy and Comparative Religion
After working at colleges and engagements in excellence porgrams Tom started his career as a freelance artist in 2002:
Foundation of Musikstudio Peters, tompeterspiano,
soundsimulation TM
(both homepages under construction at the moment but you will find a lot of references in the Internet)

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Bonn, den 22. Mai 2018

Tom Peters  t o m p e t e r s p i a n o
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