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Tom Peters - Piano Recital


"according to the wishes of the concert audience"

Samstag, 11. Juni 2020

20 Uhr

Stadthalle Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Koblenzer Straße 80  D-53177 Bonn

Moderation: Harald Wittig, Chefredakteur Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau

Karten zu 40 € bei und ab 01. 04. 2020

what the concert is about:

Besides his work on classical repertoire, Jazz and New Music, Tom Peters is internationally known as a renowned improviser. In this recital he goes one step further, because he has never gone this far in the classical form of piano recital before: about 50 percent of the program will consist of repertoire - 50 percent of the audience's requests for themes, to which Peters will respond spontaneously and in all conceivable musical forms. A completely new form of concert in our time. • Harald Wittig will contribute to the concert in the form of a moderating interview, which will approach the basic questions of music and culture, creation and recreation, individuality and socialization in a new way. The repertoire played in the recital will also directly refer to this idea.  Feel welcome !
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